Salut, les gars! je suis Alex de Roumanie, j'ai 26 ans je suis femme fontaine avec des piercings et tattoajes et avec des seins naturelles j'aime chanter et parler, j'aime dancer et j'aime la cuisine. j'ai ma chatte et clito perce, mes nichons et ma langue. j'aime mes talons, mes chaines et mes menottes. j'ai beacoup des jouets comme: lovense, omb, godes, cordes, pompes, hitachi, fouets, menottes, colier, des godes en verre, chaines, boule de bouche, pinces. . . je suis soumise ci tu es gentile avec moi, j'ai beacoup de creme et lotion et huille, j'aime cracher sur mes seins et mon corps. mon lovense est toujours actif et toujours dans mon cul. dans mes shows je ne fais pas jamais quelques choses comme: fist, des jeux sales, j'utilise pas des cire, j'insere pas des autres objets, pas vomir, pas incest et je travaille seule tout les temps! quelques des choses j'aime faire en VIP ou en prive pour extra jettons: gorge profonde avec 30 cm gode, gode ma chatte,gode anal, double peneration, fontaine, pomper ma chate, pomper mes nichons et clito, monter sur gode, changer ma tenue, lecher mes pieds et orteilles, atacher mes seins avec corde, attacher mon corps, fesser mon cul, fesser mes seins, pincer, boule de bouche, ecrire des mots sur mon corps, utiliser des BDSM jouets, levrette gode, brandle crois que j'ai dis suffi de moi, je sais que mon fraincais n'est pas parfait, mais j'espere que vous avez entendu l'essentiel :d je vous attende dans ma chambre pour jouir ensemble et pour nous amuser :)bisouss

chaque jour ou nuit, quand je suis chaude et humide pour toi

les mecs qu'oublient que cette est mon travail et veulent tout en free

hey, guys! let me start this tinny novel by thanking you for taking the time to read this. . . I am Alex, I was born and raised in Romania, by the sea side; I still live in Romania, don't ask for more details, please I like to sing, yet I know my voice sucks, I am a very active person, no I am not drunk nor high and I was neither drunk, nor high when I got any of my tats, YES, they are all tatoos, some hurt, some didn't, at a part of one I even fainted. . .I don't care how they will look when I am over 50 and if you care, it's just your problem, not mine. I got 4 body piercings (one in each nipple, one in left labia and one in clit) and two more in my tongue. I like to be honest, this is a job for me, I am not here to find my soul mate, I would not mind a sugar daddy, but I do NOT mix work with feelings, sex with feelings, money with sex or feelings with money, or anything with sex!! sex is something holly and it should be treated alike!! I love gaming and 9gag, I like cooking and dancing and I love testing my limits and reaching new boundaries. Romanian is one of my mother tongues, english is my first foreign language, french is my second and I am trying to learn some german, I am a fast learner, so if you are willing to help, I am willing to learn even faster :) I have been a cam model for over 5 years, I am a tinny sex addict and I easily get bored and need new and better or different entertaining (probably reason why I still am single) I do have and like wearing heels, but it's pretty difficult to get me out of my sneakers and out of my long (golf) socks. I do smoke, I vape, I love my tinny hookah; I'd rather give up on food than coffee; I don't have kids, so no milk either; I don't do drugs, I rarely drink and very important, my breasts are natural (90G size), I grew them up myself!! I am not your typically cam girl, I am not a slave, nor a dom. . . I like to consider myself a pet with personality. . .

I am only on a daily basis and if I am online it means I am in a playful mood, so don't ask me if I am horny cause the answer should be obvious, just hit me up and let's have some fun. I am the thing that you want, I have the stuff that you need :)

no toilet games, no golden showers, nothing that involves, not even simulated. . . no wax or hot substances no needles, no new holes, no cuts, no sharp objects. .. I also do not insert any kind of objects, got plenty of toysno puke no puke

mai bine cititi partea in engleza

aproape zilnic

nesimtirea si membrii fara bani :))